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Fairs & Symposia

Trade fairs of international significance and symposia in important foreign markets recognize VDW’s organizational backing as a key indicator of their success, competence, and reliability.

VDW provides valuable support to its members in accessing international growth markets by organizing joint appearances at trade fairs and technology symposia. These events exclusively showcase the German machine tool industry with high-quality participants, making a significant impact on the largest and most important client industries in each country.

One hallmark of quality is the VDW Fair, particularly exemplified by the EMO Hannover (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil), the world’s leading trade fair for the metalworking industry. VDW organizes this event for Cecimo, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries. Serving as the most important innovation showcase for metal processing and a vital industry forum for the global manufacturing technology sector.

VDW has been the conceptual sponsor of the AMB, the International Exhibition for Metal Working, since 2008. This well-established fair focuses on the metal cutting industry. Additionally, VDW has been the conceptual sponsor of Blechexpo, the International Trade Fair for Sheet Metal Processing, since 2011. This event holds the distinction of being the largest trade fair for the sheet metal sector in Europe in the uneven years.

Furthermore, since 2015, VDW has also sponsored Moulding Expo, the International Trade Fair for Tool, Pattern, and Mould Making, further solidifying their presence in the industry. All three events take place in Stuttgart.