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The Services we offer to our Members

VDW provides comprehensive support to its members across all areas relevant to their daily business operations. Its range of services encompasses three fundamental components:

Representation of the industry: VDW advocates for the collective commercial, technical, and academic interests of the machine tool industry. This involves engaging with politicians, other industries, and the general public.

Indirect assistance for member companies: VDW addresses industry-specific issues and undertakes initiatives and projects that span the entire sector. This alleviates the individual workload of VDW members, who benefit from collaborative efforts, including participation in shared pre-competitive research endeavors.

Tailored support for member companies: VDW offers personalized guidance to members on matters within the association’s jurisdiction. For instance, members gain access to exclusive statistics and forecasts, receive aid in navigating the Chinese market through the German Engineering Federation’s China liaison office, and receive analyses of strategically significant market trends. Furthermore, members profit from international symposia organized by VDW, facilitating connections in pivotal global markets. Additionally, VDW assists members in successfully navigating the complex landscape of technical standards and health and safety regulations on an international scale. The sectoral report, published monthly, exclusively updates VDW members on ongoing trends, initiatives, and association activities.

Members can easily connect with our responsive contact personnel at any time. To directly reach our experts, please refer to the contact information on the VDW website.

If you’re not yet a member but are interested in learning more about VDW’s services, you can find crucial information on the relevant sections of our website. We eagerly anticipate your inquiries and engagement!