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Other Topics

Export control

Machine tools are Dual-Use-Goods, which can be used for both civilian and military purposes, and are subject to export control. Exports require an official approval, which means a series of conditions have to be met. The determinant legislation here is the EU’s Dual Use Ordinance 428/2009. You can learn more about the background involved on the website of the EU Commission (English); you will find the ordinance itself in the Official Journal of the EU (German).

The VDW supports its members in assessing and interpreting the EU’s Machinery Directive in terms of the technical requirements involved. In addition, it remains in continual close contact with the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), so as to communicate the specific concerns of the machine tool industry and to function as a contact partner for the concerns of the government agencies insofar as these relate to the sector as a whole.

Control technology and systems engineering

Crucial features of fit-for-purpose production technology can no longer be implemented without the aid of computers. Classical design features like accuracy, rigidity and sturdiness continue to play an important role, but nowadays are also implemented using control technology. They are complemented by further criteria such as dynamics, reproducibility, precision and cycle times, which can be implemented only through high-performance control systems. The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) in any case necessitates the integration of information technology in the production process.

Control technology and systems engineering in the VDW deal with systems for efficient, open programming of NC control systems, standardised interfaces for hardware and software, methodological support in the design and development phases, plus tools for rationalisation and qualitative improvement of intra-company processes. This necessitates continuous engagement with the latest developments and technologies in specialist disciplines outside the confines of mechanical engineering, and their potential utilisation for the machine tool product in order to preserve international competitiveness.