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Technology & Standardization

For the international success of Germany’s machine tool manufacturers, their innovative vigour and technical performative capabilities are causally crucial. The sector invests six per cent of its turnover each year in research and development. This figure is above average compared to the mechanical engineering sector as a whole.

Technology determines everyday operations in the companies. This applies both to the products and to the business processes involved. Aspects like standards and guidelines, management systems, patents, environmental protection regulations, and many more, play an important role in the development and design of machine tools. Entrepreneurs and technical directors have to keep themselves continuously up to date on the innumerable regulations involved.

VDW supports its members in coping successfully with the bureaucratic “jungle”. It provides regular information on current developments, represents its members in international negotiations involving technical standards and health-and-safety regulations, and smoothens their path into international markets, even if these have put in place non-tariff impediments to trade in the form of regulations.