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For globally operating corporations, worldwide business operations are an everyday routine. But for small and mid-tier companies, too, which is what machine tool manufacturers are, the world has long since changed. Their business environment no longer lies just round the corner; competition is nowadays globalised. This is why twice a year the VDW offers its members an out-of-the-ordinary service: Discovering the world.

Together with local partners, the VDW has for almost 20 years now been organising technology symposia, at which representatives of the member companies can establish business contacts with potential buyers from the relevant customer sectors in the host countries concerned. Always with multifaceted, individualised goals: is the market ready for our products? With whom can we put in place a sales operation? What competitors are already active there? It should be noted that the VDW’s symposiums abroad are deliberately not conceived as sales or marketing shows.

Since only durable contacts and continuity lead to success, the VDW invites its members to a country at least twice. “ If they come back, they’re serious about it,” is a message that is understood in every culture. Irrespective of whether it’s Brazil and China, Romania, Russia and Poland or India, Malaysia and Indonesia: even if the world itself is not getting larger, the globe-girdling competition most certainly is.

After every symposium, we offer an additional service in conjunction with our cooperation partnerIndustryArena all presentations are provided in the national language for downloading. The local partner informs all potential customers of this service. Prospects leave behind their electronic visiting card, which is forwarded to the manufacturer concerned. We thus achieve more sustainability for the symposium’s participants, since their information remains available way beyond the date of the event itself.


VDW Symposium 2017 in Chengdu, China

VDW Symposium 2017 in Chengdu, China

Every year, the VDW hosts symposiums designed to facilitate for its members entry into less-than-easy markets. Malaysia, China, India and South Korea are as regularly hosting VDW symposia  as Mexico or the USA. The picture shows a VDW symposium in Chengdu, China.