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The VDW’s employees are experts in their respective specialist fields and contribute their know-how to a multiplicity of national and international contexts where they provide information on ongoing trends, news and interesting events at irregular intervals. Specialist articles published in connection with our trade fairs, the METAV and the EMO Hannover, in particular, will give you some soundly based insights into what’s happening in and around the German machine tool industry.

Die METAV 2018 – 20. Internationale Messe für Technologien der Metallbearbeitung findet vom 20. bis 24. Februar in Düsseldorf statt. 560 Aussteller aus 24 Ländern, darunter 56 Erstaussteller, zeigen das komplette Spektrum der Fertigungstechnik. Schwerpunkte sind Werkzeugmaschinen, Fertigungssysteme, Präzisionswerkzeuge, automatisierter Materialfluss, Computertechnologie, Industrieelektronik und Zubehör. Hinzu kommen die neuen Themen Moulding, Medical, Additive Manufacturing und Quality. Zur Besucherzielgruppe der METAV gehören alle Industriezweige, die Metall bearbeiten, insbesondere der Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, die Automobil- und Zulieferindustrie, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Elektroindustrie, Energie- und Medizintechnik, der Werkzeug- und Formenbau sowie Metallbearbeitung und Handwerk. | The METAV 2018 – the 20th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies – will be held in Düsseldorf from 20 to 24 February. 560 exhibitors from 24 countries, among them 56 first-time exhibitors, showcase the entire spectrum of production technology. The principal focuses are machine tools, production systems, high-precision tools, automated material flows, computer technology, industrial electronics, and accessories, complemented by the new themes of Moulding, Medical, Additive Manufacturing and Quality. The METAV’s target group for visitors includes all branches of industry that work metal, particularly machinery and plant manufacturers, the automotive industry and its component suppliers, aerospace, the electrical engineering industry, energy and medical technologies, tool and mould-making, plus metalworking and the craft sector.

Wide range of innovative technological highlights at METAV 2018
Wide range of innovative technological highlights at METAV 2018
Wide range of innovative technological highlights at METAV 2018

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, July 2018. - This year's METAV was held from 20 to 24 February in Düsseldorf, where more than 500 exhibitors presented their innovative technologies. The core theme of the event is metalworking, but digitalisation and networking were again given their own spotlight in ...
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