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The German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW)


German machine tools are in demand the whole world over. The products concerned feature innovative, leading-edge technologies; the companies operate on an international scale, offering their customers single-sourced products, solutions and services. The performative excellence of the German machine tool industry has been crucial in shaping the continuingly superlative reputation of the Made in Germany attribute.

The success of the companies concerned is due not least to their highly qualified workforces, the good infrastructure Germany provides for production operations, the dense network of responsively capable vendors, plus discerning customers, with whom new designs are very often developed and trialled, and not least the sophisticated research scene, which makes sure that the machine tools incorporate the very latest advances in the field.

VDW and its members are working tirelessly to make sure that the sector maintains and indeed upgrades its leading status on the international stage. As a member, you can benefit from a strong association to represent you, the shared activities, the empirical feedback and the stimuli channelled from the sector as a whole. Get acquainted with us!

Franz-Xaver Bernhard, Chairman of VDW

About Us

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, VDW serves as the voice of the German machine tool industry. In 2016, it commemorated its 125th anniversary. Comprising approximately 300 primarily mid-tier companies, VDW, in partnership with the Sector Association Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems within VDMA (German Engineering Federation), represents a collective force. These entities contribute to nearly 90 percent of the sector’s overall turnover, which nearly reached 12.7 billion euros in 2021.

VDW undertakes the role of advocating for its members on various platforms, both domestically and internationally, engaging with the public, policymakers, business associates, and the academic community. Furthermore, it serves as a proactive service provider for its members, facilitating market expansion, monitoring business trends, gathering market data, addressing technical, commercial, and legal matters, fostering collaboration with the global machine tool industry, promoting standardization, and aiding in talent recruitment. Leveraging its comprehensive knowledge of the sector, VDW offers tailored information, consultation, and support to address individual queries and challenges. Ongoing committees and workgroups ensure a continuous exchange of sector-specific insights and empirical input. Regular updates on pertinent technical, commercial, and legal matters are provided to members.