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Machine tools are products with an international market. So it’s all the more important to have internationally recognised standards with which binding key characteristics of this complex product grouping are globally specified. These include, for example, the safety requirements for different machine categories, or testing and acceptance-testing conditions in terms of accuracy requirements.

Germany has traditionally played a crucial role here. The VDW synergises the interests of its members, so as in controversially debated areas to speak with one voice, or even assume opinion-forming leadership. This is often accomplished with the aid of self-initiated research projects.

As a special service, the VDW enables its members to enjoy free-of-charge involvement in national standardisation groups, which are organised in the Standards Committee Machine Tools (NWM) of the DIN organisiert sind. In addition, the VDW is itself active as a standard-maker through the agency of the German Engineering Federation’s (VDMA) Standard Sheet, and is involved in all working groups in which machine-tool-related issues are dealt with, e.g. at the VDI (cooling lubricants) or the DKE (electrical equipment of machines).