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VDW Trade Fair Module

VDW represents the German machine tool industry worldwide. It answers questions from interested parties at international trade fairs abroad as well as at the technology symposia which it organizes twice a year as a means of helping its members gain a foothold in attractive markets. The VDW Trade Fair Module provides key information for international customers and prospective customers in the form of a concise set of information and recommendations.

It provides an overview of the strengths of the German machine tool industry, the bilateral trade links between German machine tool manufacturers and the respective target markets, and the service portfolio that VDW offers to its members and the industry. The VDW trade fair modules are updated and translated into English and/or the respective national language for each event in which the association takes part. Download the latest versions of the module as PDF files here.

Vietnam: July 2023 (Vietnamese)

Malaysia: June 2023 (English)

China: April 2023 (Chinese)

Mexico: March 2023 (Spanish)