“The next METAV Web Sessions on 6 and 7 October include the “Software Theme Days” which will highlight the resulting opportunities, showcase the latest developments in the market and reveal which suppliers are already able to deliver,” says Stephanie Simon, VDW Trade Fairs Project Officer and organiser of the event. “We originally only planned one day, but there was such a high level of interest and a wide range of topics that we decided to make it two days,” Simon continues. The METAV Web Sessions will only feature exhibitors who are taking part in METAV 2020 reloaded, scheduled for 23 to 26 March 2021.

Software producers make up roughly a tenth of all METAV 2020 reloaded exhibitors. This shows just how important software is in production engineering. Eleven of these producers will present their solutions during the Software Theme Days. These are: DPS Software GmbH, DP Technology Germany GmbH, IFP Software GmbH | oee.cloud, Mastercam, Mecadat AG, Open Mind Technologies AG, PSI Automotive & lndustry GmbH, SolidCAM GmbH, Tebis Technische Informationssysteme AG, vectorcam GmbH and VK Sapp – Visual Knowledge Share Ltd.


Greater work preparation efficiency

Most of the presentations will address efficient work preparation, in particular using CAD/CAM systems, and programming support for rapid and error-free machine set-up and running-in. These systems are fully integrated into the machine owner’s IT landscape and are indispensable for getting from the CAD model or design drawing to the finished component with ever greater ease, speed and precision. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now also making inroads into this area as efforts are increasing to automate the programming and to simplify the transfer of programs to the machine without the need for post-processing. Such optimisation of machine performance results in shorter cycle times and longer tool life. This ultimately yields effective machine utilisation and thus significant improvements in resource efficiency.

Other presentations will focus on the increasing networking levels, which much also reflect the needs of the machine operator, and the problem-free introduction of MES solutions, especially for smaller companies.

The Software Theme Days are aimed at customers and users from the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, tool and mould making industries. Each presentation lasts 30 minutes, followed by a 15-minute chat session in which participants can ask questions and discuss issues with the speaker.

On request, METAV Web Session participants can obtain a certificate of participation as documentation of their further training.

For further information please contact Stephanie Simon, VDW Trade Fairs Project Officer, Tel. +49 69 756081-53, s.simon@vdw.de. The full programme and registration details can be found at www.metav-websessions.de.




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Stephanie Simon