Data-based collaboration will be a decisive factor in production in the future. Anyone wishing to compete will have to develop appropriate new business models. Nevertheless, many companies fear losing control over their own data and risk missing the boat as a result. However, a number of privacy-compliant solutions based on Gaia-X principles are already available.


Gaia-X is a European initiative which aims to build a federated European data infrastructure based on the principles of sovereignty, security, transparency and interoperability. “It’s a privacy-compliant, sovereign response to U.S. or Asian cloud providers known as hyperscalers,” explains Markus Weber. He will be spelling out how to resolve the privacy dilemma in the live Let’s Talk Science webinar at 8:30 a.m. on 27 July 2022.


Weber heads the Austrian-German EuProGigant (European Production Giganet) project in Germany. Funded by Austrian and German ministries, this is the Gaia-X lighthouse project for the manufacturing industry. Its aim is to set up a cross-site, digitally networked production ecosystem by 2025. “It represents a disruptive vision for how the manufacturing industry will use the Internet in the future,” says Weber, convinced.


Networked yet secure

Until now, many companies have been reluctant to share their production data on a platform. Their fear of losing control over the data is too great. EuProGigant, by contrast, provides a cross-company yet DSGVO-compliant space for new digital business ideas. “All companies generate large quantities of data. As owners of their own data there are many opportunities for them to explore new business models. They can offer their data safely and securely to other companies in the ecosystem, opening up a completely new source of revenue for their business model,” says Weber. “Each company would then also be helping to create European value and supply chains which are more secure and resilient.”


Hear how you can develop new business models and join the conversation at 8:30 am on 27 July 27 2022 in Let’s Talk Science, the monthly live webinar of EMO Hannover 2023.



Markus Weber, Project Coordinator Germany for EuProGigant and research associate in the field of manufacturing technology at the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools at TU Darmstadt.


Author: Gerda Kneifel, VDW